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Tomorrow's world will need to provide answers to today's questions. Clear answers to important questions. Take the development of animal feed, for example, which contributes to efficient, sustainable and healthy food production.

Questions and answers come together in the DSM Twilmij pre-mixes. That's the result of our intensive cooperation with feed manufacturers. Together, we respond to the challenges of livestock farmers. Entrepreneurs who act in a dynamic world. A world in which the availability of ingredients fluctuates, research inspires and in which standards are continuously refined.

Fed by a wealth of nutritional knowledge, we develop the most effective pre-mixes for them. In doing so, we unite the powers of a leading multinational with the flexibility of a local player. That makes us a strategic partner. Because whatever question is asked, we have an answer. DSM Twilmij. A clear answer.



DSM Twilmij by Night

The core of our success!

The core of our success are the enthusiastic people who work entrepreneurially and with responsibility for the continuity and growth of DSM Twilmij. In all business processes we strive for a far-reaching automation with a high degree of flexibility so that the customer can be optimally served. In speed, but also in guaranteeing quality and food safety. DSM Twilmij is proactive both internally and externally with a high degree of team spirit and self-motivation. Nutritional knowledge of animal nutrition and specialist additives and the intensive cooperation with our customers are important pillars of our company. All these cores ensure that DSM Twilmij exudes attraction to customers, suppliers and potential employees

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