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More and more animal feed manufacturers are involving Twilmij in the production of their unique recipes. And with reason. With our premixes, we provide clear answers. Answers to questions from the market. Answers with which we combine both our strengths. Do you have a specific question or are you interested in our specialism? Check out our website and contact one of our nutritionists for a personal introduction.


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High quality feed which is geared to specific needs and phases of development enables animals to perform better in terms of growth, health and productivity. As a manufacturer of premixes and milk replacers for the animal feed industry, Twilmij makes a sustainable contribution to these factors, while respecting people, animals and the environment.

Since november 2017 Twilmij B.V.  is part of Royal DSM N.V. Heerlen.

Marien van den Brink

"Knowledge is our key product; it must remain at a high level."



Marien van den Brink, Poultry Nutritionist

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Low protein rations for dairy cattle: can intestinal digestible amino acids help?

Dairy farming is regularly in the spotlight as a result of the current nitrogen impasse in the Netherlands. A mandatory protein decrease is the feed discussion of the day in the Netherlands. The announcement of possible protein measures for the compound feed industry–in particular a maximum protein content in purchased concentrates and raw materials–is causing significant concerns for the sector. One of the possible ways to maintain cows' milk production and health with less crude protein is to formulate rations based on ileal digestible amino acids. For rations with a standard to high protein content (>16%), it was not necessary to take this into account until now.  In the event of a mandatory drop in crude protein, however, nutritionists will also have to keep an eye on sufficient ileal digestible amino acids in the ration. In most rations, methionine is the most limiting amino acid.

Amino acids are essential nutrients. They are the building blocks for protein synthesis, which means they are essential for cows' maintenance needs (immunity, metabolism ...) and the production of milk protein. There are 20 different amino acids in total, eight of which are essential and must, therefore, be sufficiently supplied through the feed because they cannot be produced by the animal itself: lysine, methionine, threonine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, leucine, histidine and valine. When a shortage of at least one specific amino acid arises, it limits growth, milk production and maintenance.

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Our three promises

As an animal feed manufacturer, you are stronger with Twilmij beside you. We are happy to make you three promises. Together, we achieve the best customer-oriented solutions; clear answers to your customers' questions. We also ensure that you can produce these solutions efficiently. And we offer premixes with which you gain access to the best of the (global) market. You thus develop powerful recipes which contribute to the success of your organisation.

Customer-oriented solution

Customer-oriented solution

Efficient productions

Efficient productions

Optimal continuity

Optimal continuity

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