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High-quality feed is important for the good health, vitality and long life of our pets. The pet food sector is constantly being challenged to develop safe and stable products. Ingredients for pet food are selected and mixed carefully to ensure that the feed meets the needs of the animal optimally. Besides protein, fat, carbohydrates and fibre, animals also need micronutrients like vitamins, minerals and trace elements. These additives are usually mixed into the food in the form of a premix. The formulation and production of a good premix is a skilled craft.

Partner to the pet food sector

For over 50 years, Twilmij has been developing and producing premixes for wet and dry feed and snacks. The range also includes milk replacements for puppies and kittens. The premix must be composed very carefully: all the various components must be present in the feed in the correct proportions and dosage to promote optimal nutrient absorption and the health of the animal. In consultation with the customer, the development of the premix is aligned to the needs of the animal and the factory processes optimally.

Knowledge of premixes

For the development of a good premix, good knowledge of ingredients and the possible interaction between components are important. The nutritional needs for each animal category also play a vital role. Twilmij’s nutritional department has an excellent knowledge network of universities, research organisations, consultants and suppliers. Knowledge of animal feed legislation and European regulations is also always up-to-date. This enables Twilmij to effectively apply its knowledge in the product design and evaluation of ingredients, premixes and end products.


Safe ingredients

In order to be able to produce safe premixes, the origin of the ingredients is vitally important. Twilmij therefore only buys ingredients of Western European quality and constantly monitors this quality. By means of Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), Twilmij establishes the identity of all the incoming ingredients.

Ultra-modern factory

In the modern factory with no cross-contamination, the ingredients are carefully weighed and processed into a homogenous premix. The dosage and mixing are almost completely automated and under and over dosages are prevented. The stainless steel Nauta mixers guarantee a homogenous and non-‘stressed’ premix. The high degree of automation within Twilmij means that ‘Tracking & Tracing’ is optimally implemented.


At Twilmij, the customer is key. Customers can count on receiving swift answers to their questions. The pet food specialists at Twilmij are happy to advise you on the best premix for your needs. Would you like to know how Twilmij can help your organisation? Contact us and arrange to meet one of our pet food specialists.




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Elwin Brons, Ruminants Nutritionist

"We search for the optimal solution through constant contact with our customers."



Elwin Brons, Nutritionist Ruminants & Petfood

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