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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is getting a lot of attention in business circles these days. Quite rightly so, of course, as keeping our planet clean, healthy and livable is a shared responsibility. Here at DSM Twilmij we are fully aware of this. Respect for humans, animals and our environment is in our DNA. We don't just pay lip service but demonstrate our commitment through consistent policies and concrete actions at all levels in our business.



Here at DSM Twilmij we do what we say and say what we do. We expect the same of our partners. Collaboration, continuity, quality-oriented thinking, respect for industrial relations and valorization of waste streams are central to this.


Optimal business processes

Efficient, economical and clean business processes contribute to the improved quality of our living environment. These aspects are central to the energy covenant that the cattle feed industry and the government have agreed upon. DSM Twilmij has also made a commitment to this.


Knowledge of animal nutrition

Tailored recipes and advice keep animals healthy and productive for longer, can reduce specific problems, and limit the curative use of antibiotics. These solutions also contribute to a more efficient use of nutrients, such as protein and minerals, and thus to a better environment.


Motivated people

Ultimately, it's the people who make the difference. The health, safety and development of employees is paramount. DSM Twilmij also feels a strong connection with the local community, both as an employer and a social partner. Together we are stronger.

Healthy diet

Well, what more can we tell you? Healthy animal feed is the core of our existence. Every day DSM Twilmij is held accountable on the composition, quality and added value of its products. It goes without saying that these topics have our full attention and dedication. It is partly for this reason that we consciously keep our production location free of antibiotics.

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