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Complete acid mix for pig feed

Organic acids are a much-used product as an alternative to antimicrobial growth promoters. The various operating mechanisms depend on the neutralisation of pathogenic microbes and improvement in nutrient digestibility. In combination with etheric oils, the animal is even better able to cope with the fight against harmful bacteria that live in the gastrointestinal canal.

Organic acids have a protective role in the feed and also supply feed value. Besides this, calcium salts have a positive effect in lowering the buffer capacity and operate positively on milk production. The reduction in the pH at stomach level, besides being a barrier to causes of disease, is a prerequisite for good protein digestion. At gut residual groups have an antibacterial effect.

No ideal acid exists! Though through taking advantage of the difference in properties and structure, a mixture can nonetheless suffice. The TWILACID range comprises acid mixtures for various piglet, sow and pork pig feeds.


03T00010 Big 
03T0009 Big Xtra 
03T0011 Zeug


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