Helps the immune system of the pig with a streptococci infection

Streptococcus Suis belongs to the most common group of bacteria in pigs. The most important species is Streptococcus Suis however several types are known which vary in harmfulness for the pig. Type 1 occurs mainly in farrowing pens; type 9 causes problems in piglets a few weeks after weaning. Type 9 gives clinical symptoms, like meningitis, followed by mortality. Type 9 can also cause pneumonia and blood poisoning.

From various trials at farm level it appears that anti bacterial components (such as organic acids, medium-long chain fatty acids, etc.) via the feed are not sufficient enough. Probably there is an insufficiency in antibacterial effect in the mouth and pharynx, because these components are more effective especially in the gastro-intestinal tract. Till now the approach with antibiotics is commonly used.

However the goal is to reduce this as much as possible by applying the right management-and feed measures. Countering the immune response and supporting the desired immune system offers more perspective. The 1.3-1.6-ß-D-glucans, refined from pure Brewer’s yeast, have a supporting effect of the immune system. B-vitamins, yeast extract (also from Brewer’s yeast) with nucleotides are important excipients and building blocks for tissues with high turnover. Twilmij offers a mix which is excellent in addition to the well-known TWILMIX products and can be used for safe piglets feed: TWILMIX ASM.


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