Supplementary mix for ear and tail biting

Ear and tail biting caused by, or as a result of ear necrosis are highly prevalent problems in pig farming. They occur mainly in piglets and young pork pigs. Ear necrosis leads to agitation, reduced growth and greater losses.

Ear and tail biting are affected by many stress factors. Particularly the possibility to explore the surroundings and aggressiveness appear to play an important role. Draughts, insufficient feed and drinking places, a high degree of occupation, meal feed rather than granules, poor intestinal health, toxins including mycotoxins and ear necrosis are some factors that cause these problems to increase.

It emerges from research and experience that the feed measures that appear effective may be divided into reduction of aggressiveness, management of gut health and wound healing. Based on these studies, Twilmij is introducing a new mix that is extremely suitable for use alongside the familiar TWILMIX products: TWILMIX ETB.


Code: 03O0312


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