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Several publications assume that the presence of mycotoxins in grains is a growing problem. Some mycotoxins lead to reproduction disorders (particularly in sows); others result in restlessness, a worse growth and feed conversion of the animals.

Growing and harvesting conditions, storage method and preservation are risk factors for fungal growth and the presence of mycotoxins. Especially the presence of moisture is critical! Particularly for the new crop (cereals), it is necessary to pay extra attention on the presence of fungi.

The application of clay minerals and yeast cell walls has a positive impact on the health status of the animal by reducing the mycotoxin contamination. Research at the University of Utrecht has shown that yeast cell walls are able to bind mycotoxins like Zearalenone, DON and Ochratoxinen at different pH levels.

Application of TWILMIX Mycostick is Twilmij’s answer on the possible presence of mycotoxins in animal feed.


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