TWILMIX Sow Transition


For vital piglets at birth

In recent years, the reproduction results in sow keeping have improved strongly. The higher number of live-born piglets is usually linked with more variation in birth weight within the litter. Piglets with a low birth weight are less vital and have a reduced chance of survival. The birth weight and the development in the first weeks of life are important measures of later animal performance. These mainly depend on the conditions in the uterus and the sow’s milk yield.

Extra fibre during the transition period is needed to correct the imbalance in the feed for bearing and lactating sows. Fish-oil and sufficient protein are important for good growth and development of the foetuses. MCFAs in combination with etheric oils provide the piglets with extra energy at the end of the gestation period, during birth and in the first hours thereafter. The incorporation of L-calcium pidolate has a positive effect on the birth process and thus in reducing the number of stillborn. Live yeasts can support the immune system of both the sow and the newly-born piglet.

These measures are positive in reducing the variation within the litter, improving the birth weight, and in reducing the number of stillborn piglets and postnatal mortality. This is the basis for good development and later animal performance. Twilmij bundles this knowledge together in a complete premix: TWILMIX Sow Transition.


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