Beneficial effect on nutrient supply

Over the last decades, reproduction results in sow husbandry have been improved by developments considering genetics, nutrition and management. As a result of the increased litter sizes nutrient requirements of both pregnant and gestating sows change. Leg problems and claw infections are the most important culling reasons on sow farms.

Organically bound minerals and high levels of B-vitamins are useful to protect and/or to help restore body tissues (blood, skin, Horn tissue and other tissues). Some of these components stimulate the vitality of newborn piglets;

TWILMIX Top Sow optimizes the nutrient supply for both the sows and (unborn) piglets. TWILMIX Top Sow is a complete top-dressing and practical research data shows that the product supports the leg/ claw health status of the sow.


Code: 03Z0347

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