TWILMIX Ultimo Piglet Premix


A stroke of genius

Following years of research and experience, Twilmij has established that oregano extract is of major benefit to modern feed concepts. GENIAL Oregano is a natural extract from the Origanum vulgare plant.

GENIAL Oregano contains highly bioactive essential oils such as carvacrol and thymol. These ingredients disrupt the bacteria cells’ membrane and metabolism. Over two hundred other oils (linalool, eugenol, terpinene, etc.) strengthen GENIAL Oregano’s effect. Various tests have demonstrated the positive effects of GENIAL Oregano in feeds and milk substitutes. This translates into improved animal performance, as well as higher health levels, lower medication levels and better manure consistency. It has also been seen in practice to be particularly effective against ear necrosis (piglets), PIA (pigs) and diarrhoea problems resulting from Clostridium perfringens and Coccidiosis (principally poultry and calves).


Code: 05G0006

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