For precise GIT nutrition

A big challenge for the nutritionist is to formulate young animal diets which positively affect (intestinal) health. Feed processing, careful ingredient selection, prevention of nutrient oversupply and application of several additives are frequently used feed measures.

Several publications have demonstrated that a combination of organic acids with essential oils supports intestinal health succesfully. One of the most well known organic acids for young animal diets is butyric acid (butyrate), particularly in lipid coated form and combined with essential oils. Therefore, Twilmij developed the product GENIAL BUTY-GAN for both pig and poultry diets. In two controlled feed experiments with piglets we found a significant improvement of growth and feed conversion rate with addition of GENIAL BUTY-GAN. In a broiler experiment under optimal conditions a significant lower feed conversion rate was found.


Code: 05G0075

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