TWILMIX After Egg Food


The first and tasteful dinner for day old chicks!

Providing early feed and water. Early feeding strongly affects animal performance! Newly hatched chicks have to adapt to external nutrient supply from sole dependence on yolk during embryonic development.

Many scientific publications have demonstrated the great importance of early nutrition in broiler chicks and turkey poults; their results show a better proliferation of the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system by stimulation of yolk sac absorption. This early development results in improved bird performance and slaughter efficiencies. Early intake of water plus specific functional nutrients will strengthen these positive effects.

Twilmij has developed the novelty ‘ TWILMIX After Egg Food’ for the day-old chick in order to stimulate feed intake, development of both the GIT and the immune system’, and performance! TWILMIX After Egg Food is a red coloured, agglomerated crumbled product with favourable physical properties. TWILMIX After Egg Food is unique in the world. It contains atleast 30% water! It has a high level of available energy from easily  digestible carbohydrates and lipids plus functional fatty acids, essential and non-essential amino acids and a properly composed premix with high content of available vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


Code: 03A0301

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