Against latent danger

The liver is one of the most important organs for highly productive livestock animals. This organ plays a central role in energy and protein synthesis and hence in the utilization of nutrients. When the liver is either deprived of certain substances (eg. nutrient deficiencies) or overloaded (eg. during infections), then there is an increased risk for fatty liver haemorrhagic syndrome (FLHS).

FLHS is a common problem among laying hens, even in seemingly healthy flocks. FLHS can usually be spotted by pale combs, increased mortalities and, on post mortem dissection, liver haemorrhaging. Elder hens show increased body fat and body weights. Most B-vitamins are intensively involved in the energy metabolism and liver functioning. Besides the antioxidant status of the hen is of importance.

TWILMIX FLHS has been developed to support the liver function and (energy and protein) metabolism for laying hens and breeders after peak production and/or during critical circumstances (like infections). 

Code: 03P0801

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