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The liver is one of the most important organs in highly productive animals, with various essential functions; this organ plays a central role in energy and protein metabolism and thus in the utilisation of nutrients.

In laying hens, the liver is active in fatty acid synthesis and the secretion of lipoproteins (for yolk fat and protein) under influence of oestrogen. Furthermore, part of the formation of red blood cells takes place in the liver, gall is produced there and detoxification of harmful substances takes place. The liver also serves as a storage organ for vitamin A, iron and copper among other things. In both young and older hens, excessive loading of the liver can easily lead to fatty liver disease, otherwise known as fatty liver haemorrhagic syndrome (FLHS). FLHS can usually be recognised from pale combs, increased losses, and from haemorrhages in the liver. Older hens particularly form more abdominal fat and become heavier; young hens conversely come up to weight less well. For good liver health it is important that excess fatty acids and toxic substances are excreted. It is known from the literature that L-carnitine and silymarin (milk thistle extract) contribute to this process.

TWILMIX FLHS Power has been developed to support the liver function for all categories of poultry including laying poultry, and comes best into its own in young hens (for peak production) and older animals. Its rapid action has been demonstrated by practical experience with laying hens.


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