For a dry stall and favourable foot pad dermatis score

The management of litter quality in combination with reduced antibiotics usage is one of the greatest challenges facing Dutch chicken meat farming. As well as increased manure disposal and poorer working conditions, wet litter forms a major risk factor for the occurrence of foot sole lesions or foot pad dermatitis (FPD).

EU Directive 2007/43/EC of 28 June 2007 stipulates that for an average lesion score of >120, the occupation density must be reduced to 39 kg/m2. This has major financial consequences for the chicken meat farmer.

TWILMIX FPD is a supplementary premix for poultry for meat and contains components to improve protein utilisation and to minimise protein rotting at colon level.

Our own research on TWILMIX FPD under “challenge” conditions showed a clear improvement in litter quality after both three and five weeks. Also, the chicks realised a greater growth (+0.5 g/d) and keener feed conversion (-/- 0.05).


Code: 03F0130

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