TWILMIX Mycostick Advanced


Binds a broad spectrum (myco)toxins and supports liver detoxifying

The presence of mycotoxins in cereals, cereal byproducts and some other feedstuffs is a continuing concern for the animal feed industry. Mycotoxins have detrimental effects on animal production, health and fertility. Some animal species like piglets and sows are very sensitive to mycotoxins. However, there is growing evidence that also fattening pigs, layer pullets, laying hens and even broilers are sensitive to increased mycotoxin levels.

Therefore, avoiding in feed mycotoxins is a must. Bentonite is one of the most frequently used clay minerals for mycotoxin binding. Bentonite consists of layers between the toxins can be bound.  This is also a restriction of bentonite, because only small mycotoxins (like aflatoxin, ochratoxin) will be bound. By increasing the inner space between the layers by using algae extracts and application of unique yeast derivates, a wide range of mycotoxins (like DON) can be bound. High mycotoxin loads affect liver function negatively. From literature is well described that silymarine (milk thistle extract) has a detoxifying and protecting effect on the liver.

Based on the newest insight and techniques Twilmij introduces for broad spectrum mycotoxin deactivation, a new product: TWM Mycostick Advanced. 


Code: 03M00441

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