TWILMIX Poultry Premixes


Granules for successful poultry feed

Vitamins and trace elements are essential for agricultural animals. They have many functions in the body such as supporting the metabolism and building up and protecting body tissues. In the animal feed industry, these micronutrients are usually introduced via the premix.

TWILMIX Poultry Premixes have been developed for all categories of poultry, in close cooperation with suppliers, manufacturers, research institutes, universities and laboratories. Moreover, these premixes have been tested in practical circumstances.


03O0477 TWILMIX Layer poults 0.5-0.6%
03L0043 TWILMIX Laying Hens Basic 0,5%
03F0305 TWILMIX Breeder 0.5%
03V0231 TWILMIX Broiler Starter 0,5%
03V0242 TWILMIX Broiler Basic 0.5%

Premixes for other categories of poultry: on request


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