TWILMIX Cattle Claw Excellent


Cattle mineral to support claw health

Good claw health is of great importance to the cow’s performance. A lame cow comes less often to the feed barrier so that the feed uptake and thus the production diseases. The cow also becomes more vulnerable to other conditions such as ketose, fertility disorders and mastitis.

The health of claws and legs is a combination of the cow’s accommodation, management, health and nutrition. A major cause of claw problems is rumen acidosis. The use of buffers supports the rumen function. Trace elements such as copper, zinc and manganese are involved in the production of a healthy horn layer and also of cartilage. Organically-bonded trace elements have good availability. Biotin stimulates the claws hardness.

TWILMIX Cattle Claw Excellent combines vitamins, trace elements and buffers to support excellent claw health.


Code: 03R0806


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