The supplement when udder health is under pressure!

In the past, dairy cows were treated with antibiotics as a standard practice on drying off. Since the start of 2014, the ‘selective dry cow treatment’ guidelines have been in effect. Under these guidelines, it is no longer  ermitted to dry off cows with a cell count of less than 50,000 cells/ml or heifers with a cell count of less than 150,000 cells/ ml using antibiotics.

In order to support udder health and as a supplement to ‘selective drying off’, Twilmij developed the complete cattle mineral supplement TWILMIX Cattle Plate Count Excellent. TWILMIX Udder Fit has been introduced as an expansion of this mineral supplement. TWILMIX Udder Fit is based on Genial Xtragan, enriched with antioxidants, organic bound trace elements and vitamins. This supplements the cow’s need for extra additives when there is an increased risk of infection.

In a trial, TWILMIX Udder Fit was given 100 days before drying off, and a reduction in the cell count was observed. During the dry period, the animals that had been given TWILMIX Udder Fit benefited from the additives provided, resulting in a lower cell count after calving. Animals which were dried off without antibiotics and which were not given any TWILMIX Udder Fit had an increased cell count after calving.


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