ZELMO Blue Organic


Organic milk replacer for calves

According to European Union Directives, all animals that are born at a biological concern must be raised with BIOLOGICAL milk. Twilmij makes this easy for you with ZELMO Organic!

In 2000, Twilmij B.V. brought organic milk replacers into the market under the name ‘ZELMO Organic’. Prepared from carefully selected and certified organic raw materials.

Based on practical experience, the ZELMO Organic milk replacers have been further developed into a very easily soluble and tasty alternative for mother’s milk. The raising of young calves demands the greatest care. The calf must immediately receive high quality colostrum. After 24 to 36 hours, the calves can go on to ZELMO Blue Organic: pure dairy protein to
encourage digestion particularly in the first days of life, combined with vegetable fats that ensure good growth.



Code: 07K0020

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