Early nutrition of chicks has been on the agenda of our research and innovation program for several years now. During these years we already provided solutions at the hatchery and transport level through our innovative semi-moist feed AfterEggFood. Next to this innovation Twilmij also put effort into the formation of a specialized pre-starter concept, applicable at the broiler farm. This concept consists of updated and specially formulated advisory standards for (specific) raw materials and nutrients that are essential during early life, as well as a specific premix: AfterEggInside.

AfterEggInside consist of high-quality vitamins and trace elements in accordance with the OVN recommendations of DSM. AfterEggInside contains unique ingredients from the DSM portfolio, including Hy-D (25-hydroxycholecalciferol), Ronozyme ProAct (protease), Cylactin (probiotic), Crina Digest (essential oils) and Rovimax (yeast extract, rich in nucleotides).

Recently, Twilmij conducted two trials to further test and substantiate early nutrition supplemented with AfterEggInside. In cooperation with our German DSM colleagues, an extensive practical trial was conducted in Neubuckow, Germany, with over 100,000 broilers (Ross 308 and Cobb 500). The trial contained 5 broiler houses, with 3 out of 5 receiving a pre-starter containing AfterEggInside. The pre-starter was only distributed on chick paper as 2 mm pellets, at a dose of 40 grams per chick. Thereafter, all chicks received the same feeding program. On day 36 of the trial (age of slaughter), the chicks that received AfterEggInside were on average 1.5% heavier than the broilers who didn’t receive AfterEggInside, with equal gross feed conversion. Furthermore, it was remarkable that the broiler farmer had to medicate both control houses on day 3 and 23, partly due to intestinal problems, while the broilers provided with AfterEggInside remained healthy throughout the trial. Next to this, chicks receiving the pre-starter with AfterEggInside had fewer food pad lesions, 66% of the broilers had a score of 0, while in the control group this was only 55%.

In addition, a controlled trial was carried out at PRIC Emmen. In this trial, there was a combination made with early feeding applications (in the hatchery and during transport of the day-old chicks). 984 Ross 308 cockerels were divided over 48 ground pens; in 24 pens 200 grams of pre-starter with AfterEggInside was provided during the first week, while the other 24 pens received a control diet. Thereafter, all chicks received the same feed program. Chicks from the AfterEggInside treatment were significantly heavier on day 14 (+ 23 g). At 35 days of age (age of slaughter), this difference was increased to 34 g (numerically), with an equal feed conversion ratio. Furthermore, it was remarkable that the failure rate of the control group was 1.5% higher compared to the group receiving AfterEggInside.

Both trials show that especially growth rate is improved in broilers receiving a pre-starter diet containing AfterEggInside. This higher growth rate can mainly be explained by the higher feed consumption, given that feed conversion ratios remain almost equal. Indicating, together with the lower medical interventions needed in the German trial, the positive effect of the AfterEggInside concept towards intestinal health.

Want to know more about these trials and the application of the AfterEggInside concept? Please contact your DSM contact person.