Changing genetics requires new focus in the formulation of sow feed. The most common problems with unsuitable feed compositions are primarily related to farrowing and the start of milk production. Sows experiencing problems during this period often show more secondary problems. These problems are usually visible around the rut and early gestation (recovery condition). These sows, who are often in an abnormal condition, score lower on reproduction results. This ultimately leads to an increased replacement percentage on sow farms.

Incorrect feed composition or application is often accompanied by deviating conditions of the animals in the different phases of the sow cycle. This problem requires a rather specific approach per genetics or even per sow farm. Due to a change in hereditary predisposition for energy storage (ratio of depot fat to target fat) and increasing conformation, modern genetics must be fed in a different way. This means different feed schedules and ratios of raw materials and the adapted nutrient requirements.

We like to think along with you!

We like to think along with you in terms of feed for a successful solution to acute problems. These include neonatal diarrhoea, streptococcal disease and general intestinal health. In our experience this issue is–more often than expected–determined by the choice of raw materials and additives in sow feed. The feeds in question are better suited to use within the necessary protocols and are less susceptible to (minor) errors in their application. Sow care by less experienced pig carers also requires feeds with the greatest possible bandwidth per part of the cycle.

A large part of the problem (s) described originate from the rearing of gilts. In part, the aforementioned malfunctions can be attributed to feed composition and application: "Different genetics requires different feed compositions and different implementation of feed, including in the rearing of gilts!"

Organisation of DSM sow study day

The issues around sow feeding prompted DSM to organise a sow study day on this topic. More detailed announcements to follow soon. After a period of research and knowledge acquisition, a great deal of information has now been collected within Twilmij DSM, with which we can provide clear and applicable advice with regard to feed and feed application for the new sow lines.

Our team of pig nutritionists are happy to assist you and your sow farmers in Stroe and / or Deinze to answer specific questions in this area!

Edy Bouwman - animal nutritionist pigs