A higher feed intake capacity in piglets requires an adapted feed…
The growing demand for meat with more flavour means that a higher fat cover on the pig carcass is unavoidable. The art is to introduce as much intramuscular fat as possible through genetic selection and nutrition.
The change in the muscle/meat ratio is often associated with pig breeds that have a higher daily feed intake. The growth rate of these pigs has increased considerably over the past six years (+ 60 grams per day in finisher pigs1). The reason is piglets with a higher growth capacity. This is not problematic provided the digestive capacity of the intestine can cope. However, if this is not the case, or to a lesser extent, a higher incidence of intestinal health problems is seen, especially in the period around weaning. In these situations, medication is often administered to solve the problems… however, using this medication is often unnecessary - or it is only needed in limited quantities!
Ultimo 2.0 customised
Following extensive experience with, and continuous development of, the Ultimo 2.0 concept, Ultimo 2.0 has repeatedly been shown to minimise, or even eliminate, the need to administer medication for streptococcus and E-coli!
The Ultimo 2.0 concept is specifically adapted to suit the raw material composition used by the customer. In consultation with the relevant veterinarian, farm adviser and/or nutritionist, a customised Ultimo solution is formulated based on environmental factors and the intestinal health status. And with excellent results.
Practical examples
Various statistically calculated trials run on commercial pig farms demonstrate that piglet health improves while the technical results are maintained, or even improved.
The table below shows the results of a recent trial (2020) on a commercial farm with 2500 sows. The piglets, out of a Danish sow x PIC®408, had a high feed intake. The infection pressure on this farm was mainly caused by streptococcus and coli bacteria with few respiratory complaints.
Here too, a decline can be seen in the number of piglets that had to be transferred, lower mortality and significantly lower medication usage.
Table 1. Ultimo 2.0 practical trial (2020).

The nutritionists at DSM Twilmij can provide you with appropriate nutritional advice depending on the (weaning) problem and taking into account genetics, additives used, medication usage and changing feed management.
Our account managers and pig nutritionists are happy to make an appointment with you to discuss our concept!