During the last weeks before delivery in meat poultry and during peak production in laying poultry, stress is a major problem during hot summer days.
With broilers, turkeys, etc., the feed intake decreases and the loss increases (especially in the last weeks). In laying hens, laying percentages and egg weights are no longer achieved; in addition, the quality of the eggshells deteriorates. This means a considerable loss.
Extra electrolytes and vitamin C can help to keep the pH of the blood constant during warm conditions and to cope better with stress situations.
TWM Hittestress mix supports the chicken during warm days by providing the right balance of nutrients via feed or drinking water.
  • Complementary feed for poultry;
  • Contributes to the maintenance of a constant blood pH;
  • Helps the poultry to cope better with stress situations;
  • Fully water soluble mixture and therefore also applicable for drinking water.
TWM Hittestress can be added to feed as well as to drinking water.
1 to 2 kg per 1,000 litres drinking water or 2 to 3 kg per tonne final feed during a warm period.
For application via drinking water, it is recommended to make a pre-solution (e.g. 10 litres).
TWM Hittestress is packaged per 25 kg bag but is also available in buckets.
Storage life
In closed packaging, TWM Hittestress can be kept for 6 months after production date, provided it is stored in a cool and dry place.
SFR, 1996